Thula Nkosi || In Search of Happiness Seminar || Normality or Virtue?: The Persistent Crisis

January 10, 2016
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Pastor Thula Nkosi, a seasoned educationist and gospel preacher, speaking to students and the church at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa, during the “In Pursuit of Happiness Seminar” organised by Gospel Commission. The message is entitled “Normality or Virtue?: The Persistent Crisis.” In the message, he outlines that being normal is not a biblical concept. In pursuit of happiness people pick up evil habits and lifestyles and sill strive to be seen as normal. Pastor Thula Nkosi outlines the greatest enemy that has corrupted all Christians as they pursue a virtuous character. Referring to it as the “world’s slow stain,” he outlines key factors such as prayerlessness, situational spirituality; a lack of or occasional Bible study; failure to give God your time, your life, personal visions; blaming others for your failures, vain conversations, failures to manage emotions, as some of the reasons why our lives have been futile and degenerate.

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A Divine Voice out of Africa

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