December 22, 2015
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Author – King Makupe
Editorial – Melusi Ndhlalambi

Many of us have traveled with others in our Christian life solely depending on corporate activities. We go to church and come back saying the pastor prayed for me. That’s not enough. There are some blessings that need your hands, actively involved in the creation and development theirof. You do not need to make a call or write an sms or send a tweet. Some times we need to get to a point where we are alone like Christ in the garden of Gethsemane, drinking our bitter cups and enduring the pain, the unease and shame.

Genesis 22:5 And Abraham said unto his young men, Abide ye here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again to you.

We need to learn that we can not go everywhere with everyone. We we cannot do everything with everyone. There are times when we have to separate with donkeys and servants. There are times when we need to take an extra mile with God leaving the ones that do not matter behind.

Learn to separate with colleagues, family, friends and everybody else. Get to a point where you would hear God’s voice clearly without any disturbances. A point where you can have a one on one with God. It is at those places when you would learn what purpose has God for your life. He still speaks. Without spending time with God, many have spent the whole year chasing other people’s dreams and living other people’s visions because they are yet to understand the purpose to which God called them. Learn to pray for things by yourself salvation is personal and not by association! Your wildest dreams can never challenge God. He is willing to do exceedingly abundantly more that we ask or imagine, according to His riches in glory through Jesus Christ (Eph 3:20; Phil 4:19).

There are times when the only person you need to consult with regards to your own salvation is you. Peter did not consult his fellow disciples whether he should go to the master or not, walking on water. I am sure the answer would have been a resounding chorus of voices saying, “no ways, that is shear madness, you are crazy, its impossible, you’ll drown.” Even as he disembarked I can imagine that there were voices of reason from those who thought Jesus was a ghost, disapproving Peter’s act and telling uts not too late to stop this.

There are times and situations when you need to take an extra-ordinary mile with God leaving the ones that do not matter behind to achieve a special experience and attainment. I am glad Peter took his own initiative and asked the Master for himself and by himself. His special request was granted and the impossible was made possible. Although he began to sink, he was rescued. The Bible spares us the details, but Peter walked gracefully on water back to the boat, this time together with his Master. From his personal decision, Peter became the second person to partake with Jesus on the rare and humanly impossible act of walking on water. Learn and know that you and God alone are company unlimited, you can achieve the impossible.

Here is a message that shares and expands this message further. Watch “Secrets For Doing The Impossible (Peter walks on water)” on YouTube

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