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MINISTRY TIP: “A Key Determinant for Success or Failure in Ministry”

September 25, 2015
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MINISTRY TIP: “A Key Determinant for Success or Failure in Ministry”

The best gifts people can give to your ministry is not money, houses and lands, though these are needed. The latest gear, fat bank accounts, exquisite equipment and the finest instruments, special properties, buildings or lands do not of themselves create a successful ministry. The lack thereof is neither a deteminant to success. There is something greater and more lasting than these that is a determinant to successful and lasting ministry.

This thought reminds me of a conversation I held early this year, with one of the elders at Agape SDA Church in Johannesburg. I looked at his camera that shoots some of the best pictures I have seen in the church circles, and I noted the great work he is doing even with an entry level digital still camera. In humility and not wanting to take glory, he said “Ah my elder, this is not the best camera, not by any measure in the photography market.” I quickly reminded him that “its not having the best gear that matters, but in whose hands the camera is dedicated. There many with bigger and greater cameras but the difference is who is in Go’s hands for a divine assignment.”

Do not get me wrong, we all need great and high-end gear and equipment and prime properties and estates and things. These things are indeed helpful and needed to enhance ministry. However, possesion of such does guarantee success or failure. As Jesus taught, the worth of a man is not in his possessions. The same goes for ministry – goods and assets are not the essence thereof. There are people with better homes, better buildings, better equipment and choicest lands, and overflowing bank accounts but they are not successful in ministry. They may do something and set up and run and seem to be prospering, but sooner or later they will be broken.

Therefore I commend to you the secret ingredient to a success ministry. The greatest gift church members, friends and families can give to your ministry is not the money, gears, lands, and properties (though these are needed) but it is PRAYING and being PRAYED FOR. Prayer is the key to your success in ministry, its the key in the hand of faith that unlocks heavenly storehouses and dispenses the greatest, infinite and everlasting blessings that no money can buy. If you are asked by people how they can contribute to your ministry, always ask for prayers. You can never go wrong here. Seek Him first the blessing of God and all things shall be added to you. Where inspired to, ask members to donate as the Lord leads them. Never beg for money, beg for prayer.


Written by Meelusi Ndhlalambi

Founder, MelVee Video Productions

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