MELVEE SABBATH SCHOOL || Qrt 4 – Lesson 03 || The Last Five Kings of Israel

October 10, 2015
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This week’s MelVee Sabbath School guest panel is hosted by Richard W Ntini with Gladwell Soko and Blessing Machona in support. They discuss the “Last Five Kings of Israel.” With the exception of Josiah, the five kings who ruled Judah during the ministry of Jeremiah seemed totally unrepentant for their actions, even as it became clearer and clearer that their actions were bringing the calamities that the Lord. Despite the Word of God coming from Jeremiah with strong warnings, these men led Israel into apostasy and ultimately into exile in Babylon.

It had never been God’s intention to give Israel a king; by the end of this week’s lesson, we will better understand why. We’ll understand, too, the severe pressure that poor Jeremiah faced during much of his unappreciated ministry.

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