MelVee Sabbath School || Qrt 2 2016 – Ln 09 || Idols of the Soul

May 23, 2016
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This week on MelVee Sabbath School Bible Study Series the panelists (Elder Obert Chakarisa, Sipho Masinga and Mthabisi Dube) provide an incisive review of the lesson underpinned by Matthew 18:1. They outline some key lessons about life, the kingdom of God, true greatness, the cost and rewards of discipleship, the folly of trusting in one’s riches, and the power of forgiveness. They clarify that authentic greatness is achieved not by seeking human notice but by humbly submitting to God’s leading through Christian service.

As human beings, we are products of our environment, of our culture. These greatly shape our values, beliefs, and attitudes. Whether you were raised in a big metropolitan area or in a village with no clean water, it makes no difference: the culture, the environment that you grew up in, has greatly made you what you are. And even if you are able to go to a new environment, the one you have been raised in will leave its mark on you until the grave.

Unfortunately, to some degree, most of our environments and cultures work against the principles of God’s kingdom. The world, after all, is a fallen world, and its values, morals, and customs often reflect that fallen state. What else would they reflect? It’s just so hard for us to see because we are so immersed in our culture and environment.

The work of God in our hearts is, among other things, to point us to the values, morals, and standards of God’s kingdom. As we will see this week, those values, morals, and standards often differ greatly from what we have been born into and reared in. The disciples had to learn these lessons; we do too.

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