Melvee Sabbath School || Qrt 1 2016 Ln7 || Jesus’ Teaching & The Great Controversy

February 12, 2016
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This week on MelVee Sabbath School brings you the Bible discussion from Harare, Zimbabwe. Join Elder Blessing Machona (anchor) and Innocent Mushamba and Alister Murwira as they discuss “Jesus’ Teaching and The Great Controversy.”

When we think of the great controversy theme, we tend to think of it in grand, overarching, big-picture view. We picture it as a story that covers and explains a large portions of reality and never as a local narrative or story of our daily lives.

However, grand, all-encompassing and immense theme or story that the great controversy theme is, it is played out daily, here on earth, in our own lives, in how we relate to God, to temptation, and to others around us. Just as people’s daily existence is impacted, sometimes to a great degree by the grander and bigger events of politics and economics, each of us faces the same from the great controversy as well.

In this week’s lesson, the MelVee guest panel discusses some of Jesus’ teachings on very down-to-earth and practical matters as we all struggle to know and do God’s will amid the great controversy.

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