MelVee Sabbath School || Qrt 1 2016 Ln5 || The Controversy Continues

January 29, 2016
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This week on MelVee Sabbath School brings you the Bible discussion from Harare, Zimbabwe. Join Elder Blessing Machona (anchor) and Innocent Mushamba and Alister Murwira as they discuss how rebellion and deception continued in the lives of David, Elijah, Hezekiah, Esther, and Nehemiah.

When we compare the lives of these characters, similar themes surface: God is able to use “insignificant” people to turn back the tide of evil. Through some of these accounts we can see that, despite tremendous obstacles, we don’t need to buckle under overwhelming evil. Instead, we can stand firm, but only in the power of God, who is faithful to His covenant promises, promises fulfilled for us in Jesus. When God’s people endure in His might, they will see that the forces of evil are not powerful enough to ultimately prevail.

The focus, and the challenge, is for us to rejoice in His deliverance. This does not always make sense in the context of the overwhelming challenges that we sometimes find ourselves in, challenges that are so much bigger than ourselves. Rejoicing in God’s deliverance before deliverance comes is an act of faith and worship, rather than the logical consequence of what is happening around us. On the other hand, because of what Christ has done for us, trusting in God’s faithfulness is, really, the only logical thing we can do.
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