MelVee Sabbath School || Ln 09 – Q3 2017 || Paul’s Pastoral Appeal

August 24, 2017
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Join this week’s guest team, (Melusi Ndhlalambi, Commence Nkomo, and Richard Ntini) as they discuss Paul’s Pastoral Appeal. In the lesson the Team will discuss:
1. The heart of Paul (what inspired him to write in this manner?)
2. The Challenge of Becoming Like Paul
3. I Have become As You Are
4. Then and Now – a review of our perspectives before and after trials/ tribulations.
5. Speaking the Truth (in love) – what a powerful point from Paul!

This is a lesson in which Paul outlines, like a parent, deep theological, personal, emotional appeal to the Galatians. This is a lesson of Paul begging the Galatians to listen to His counsel and a reminder of their relationship with Jesus, the law and each other.

Recorded and Published by:
MelVee Video Productions
“A Divine Voice Out of Africa”

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