MELVEE SABBATH SCHOOL (Lesson 12) || Paul’s Mission and Message

September 13, 2015
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Watch this video in preparation for Sabbath School Lesson discussion on 19th September in your local congregation and family. This week’s lesson 12 is hosted by Elder Melusi Ndhlalambi, co-Founder of MelVee Video Productions. He is joined by Elders Nixon Kadiramwando and Blessing Machona to discuss about “Paul’s Mission and His Message.”

Paul was a one of the most central figures in the New Testament. Born of Diaspora Jews (Jews who were not living in the land of Israel) from the tribe of Benjamin, Paul was originally from Tarsus, an important town on the trade route between Syria and western Asia (Acts 22:3), and also a multicultural center of industry and learning and home for a short time to Rome’s most famous orator and senator, Cicero.

More is known about Paul than any other first-century Christian. He is especially remembered for his significant contributions that have influenced Christian outreach during the past two millennia. Paul brought God’s Word from Israel to the Gentiles in order that the Gentiles could do God’s will. His missionary visits and activities to the nations around the Mediterranean Sea set a powerful example for Christian missions in coming generations.

Paul is credited with lifting biblical absolutes from their Jewish culture, where civil, ritual, and moral laws were so integrated into the fabric of Jewish life that there was hardly any distinction between the Jewish custom and what they thought was God’s everlasting message to the nations.

Join us this week as the MelVee Sabbath School Panel takes a closer look at someone who, other than Jesus Himself, is thought by many to be the most important figure in the New Testament. Watch this lesson video to learn about his mission and message.

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