MelVee Marriage Testimony || Dr & Mrs Papu

June 14, 2015
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MelVee Marriage Testimony Series – Dr and Mrs Papu.

Nothing surppases a personal testimony in demonstrating the power of God to create and sustain a marriage between a man and woman! In this video Pastor Jongimpi Papu and his wife, Nomthandazo Patricia Papu share their power story of 29 years of love, adventure, family life, social and spiritual development and enrichment. Starting from when if began, the challenges and opportunities faced and aspirations for years ahead. They also offer some counsel on how couples can grow and develop their own relationship despite not so privileged upbringing and displacement or loss of a loved one. God can raise even the lowly sons and daughters of simple men to greatness. Here is an inspiring story of God’s power and human determination to succeed in marriage.

Recorded and Produced by MelVee Video Productions

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