Give God The Pen

Give God The Pen To Write Your Story

January 10, 2016
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Give God The Pen To Write Your Story
Author: Melusi Ndhlalambi
Key Text: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19).
As 2010 was coming to an end and many were celebrate a well spent year and wishing each other a prosperous 2011, I was dealing with the news I received – that my organisation, an international Non-Governmental Organisation working across Africa (AMREF), was restructuring and unfortunately my position as Deputy Country Director for the South Africa country office was being made redundant. As usual one goes through a cycle of emotions and mental states that, if God does not help, one can be so stressed and depressed and possibly give up on life. Disbelief can quickly be replaced with depression. Anger can easily spiral out of control to anguish and one wreath in internal mental and spiritual agony and vents out on others. Once can easily be corrosive and destroy all they have built over the years and mess up future prospects.
At this time, I remember asking questions that I could not answer.  One of them was, ‘why me out of thousands of workers in the organisation and also in the country office?” Its like I had a long sheet of paper with all your questions, urgent requests, wishes, and uncertainties and dreams, all urgent and needing a quick response. Finally, I received my official letter and a few weeks after supervisor or the Country Director, called me into her office. She was obviously a very wise, Christian woman from Kenya.  A very seasoned professional and motherly. We called all affectionately called her Mama P. She visibly was concerned asked me, “Is all okay with you….I mean, I know you are a very spiritual person and a tough man, but I am worried that you have not shown me any emotional or physical ques or changes since you received this bad news? In fact you have become a sweet person and seem to be putting even more effort and you’re more calm and at peace! I am worried that you may be venting your frustrating on your beautiful wife and lovely kids?” She explained to me that as part of the HR process, she had arranged for counselling to ensure that I do not “take it badly” and that I will be able to transition smoothly. She seemed very sincere in her request for me to do this. 
I smiled back at her and assured her that I am okay, and that it was not necessary to arrange counselling – I had already appealed to the Board of Directors of my life above, in the heavens and my case was deliberated on, under the Chairmanship of Jesus Christ and witnessed to by the Holy Ghost and the host angels, and that a resolution was reached and sent to me already! She asked what I meant to which I explained that I have told my father everything and I am okay with his response to me. All shall be well. God wrote Philippians 4:19 with me in mind, that was my answer. After much prayer, God sent me an assurance that, “He has taken it upon Himself to personally supply all my needs based on His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”
Out of this and the subsequent experiences I went through, I learned that while its okay (and not wrong in its self) to ask God for what we desire and need urgently, there is much more that God can do for you and me if we give Him the full floor to write our script of life. Like sinking Peter, its okay to cry out for urgent assistance. It’s okay to give God our long lists of things we think we need done without delay. We want our bills paid, our mortgage and home secured, medical bills paid, our food and clothing guaranteed. God must act and give us his approval and blessing on these requests, or we shall perish.
This experience taught me that God indeed is waiting for me to allow Him to act on my behalf and to perform His acts over my life, things and blessings that are exceedingly abundantly above all that I can ask or imagine! God is ready to blow you and me away with His script over our lives. We just need to surrender ourselves, our wills, desires and needs, our will and mind to God and allow him to write the script of our lives. I did not doubt the response I received in the form of Philippians 4:19. I immediately gave God my blank cheque and asked him to put the amount! This was the time I gave God the pen to write my story! I asked Him to take from His unsearchable riches and grant me blessings that no money can buy. I asked whatever it is that He deemed was best for my life, that I will gladly receive. Not my will but His will be done henceforth! When I called to God in the spirit of Jeremiah 33:3 – “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knoweth not.”
Since 2010, God has been writing a script that I would have never dreamed for my life and ministry. He has helped me to stretch my curtains, lengthen my cords and strengthen my stakes have been drilled deep in God and I have a richer personal view of who God is. I’ve also seen God do amazing things I never imagined possible. He also has visibly blocked wicked plans and I have seen them crumble in my face! It’s an awesome feeling to see the snares break and my life escape unscathed.God took away the best I thought I had and replaced it with the best he thought I needed! I challenge you to give God the pen of your life to write your story. He can do far more than you can dream or imagine with your life. May you surrender all to God and ask Him to write re-write your story.
PS: I recommend that you watch the song “Mercy Can Re-Write My Life ably sung by the Motha Trio [Produced by MelVee Video Productions; (C) 29 Dec 2013]. Click link to watch – 

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