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There is no question that the continent of Africa is a melting pot of ethnic and cultural diversity, which gives it a special and prominent place in world evangelism for the building of Kingdom of God. With a strong biblical history of being a preservor of divine knowledge and prominent biblical characters such as Moses, Joseph, and Jesus, Africa’s heritage on the gospel dispensation is unpararreled.

The indigenous African Seventh-day Adventist gospel preachers, and teachers (including the lay preachers) have contributed significantly to the establishment and building of the Remnant church throughout Africa and in the diaspora. Today, Africa is one of the fastest growing Christian regions with new congregations being established in new and old mission frontiers and territories. Conferences and Divisions of the Adventist Church are reporting hundreds and thousands of baptisms and new churches and administration regions are being created.

Unfortuanetely, African gospel workers are not well represented on internet content platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo. There is an uncharacteristic dearth of quality messages by African Adventist preachers on the internet space – mainly due to lack of quality audio and video recordings.

Therefore, it is the goal of MelVee Video Productions is to build an online heritage of African Adventist preachers and teachers by capturing quality multi-media messages that will bless and grow the Church of Jesus Christ across Africa and globally. We hope to become a leading African Adventist online video ministry for Africans within Africa and in the diaspora. We aim to be a preferred divine voice out of Africa for nations and kindred who desire to watch authentic African gospel presentations.

We aim to build a lasting heritage of quality online videos that carry the Advent Message presented by gifted and anointed preachers and teachers within Southern Africa and globally. Using online multimedia content platforms, MelVee Video Productions aims to connect hearts and lives to Jesus and to celebrate the African Adventist story by the sons of the soil.


From humble beginnings in 2011 at Lyttelton SDA Church in Pretoria, where the Ndhlalambi family are members, we have seen the power of God is using our family to bless hundreds of thousands of people in places we could not dream of reaching in our lifetime.

MelVee Video Productions recorded its first evangelist campaign in UK in 2011 when Elder Melusi was preaching at an evangelistic campaign in Nottingham’s Upper Room Ministries, a church that he had played a leading role to establish in 2005 while he was a post-graduate student at University of Nottingham. Vivian was the first camera person using a Canon X30 digital camera. Despite being unemployed and with limited financial resources, we continued to record sermons at our church using the small and not professional digital camera.

While being unemployed between 2011 and 2012, the Lord provided for Himself adequate consultant opportunities that enabled us to invest in high-end professional HD video equipment. Starting with one camera, we slowly but steadily built a full studio gear.

Using the motto, “divine voice out of Africa”, God inspired and empowered Elder Melusi Ndhlalambi and Vivian, his wife to establish on multi-media ministry to meet the demand for quality Advent divine messages out of Africa. As a family we were thrilled about this vision. We asked a number of leading pastors in Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church if they have access to any African preachers in online that they can watch? The answer was a consistent “no.” We also asked many leading preachers and administrators where they would most likely go to get a good sermon during the week and most of them mentioned western based sites with Afro-American and Caucasian speakers. They told us that they would not know where to get powerful and dynamic African speakers online.

We then immediately sort to create a platform that will fulfil this immediate need, and thus edify the body of Christ as well as the un-churched, post-modern African people across the globe. We sort to use those online channels to prepare everyone for the soon return of our Saviour Jesus Christ. We started recording sermons from key speakers at Lyttelton Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Despite the resistance, restrictions and misconceptions we faced, the Lord directed us to new hieghts and the work expanded and flourished to include other speakers in other congregations and ministries across Southern Africa. The lord used the glitches and restrictions we faced in our local church to in our local church to expand the work to include other speakers in other congregations and ministries accross Southern Africa.


We are a family based online video ministry that my wife and I were convicted by God to undertake. The mission was inspired by the fact that Africa is endowed with powerful preachers who were and are successfully being used by God and are the Christian church in leaps and bounds. While being unemployed between 2011 and 2012, the Lord provided for Himself adequate consultant opportunities that enabled us to invest in high-end professional HD video, sound and lighting equipment. Starting with one camera, we slowly but steadily built a full mobile studio gear.

This family ministry thrives on being a divine voice out of Africa, focusing on sharing quality videos and messages that are founded on the Three Angels Message of Revelation 14:6-12 and the Loud Cry of Revelation 18:1-4. We share TRUTH, as taught in the Bible and revealed to remnant church of Revelation, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. We believe God has woken our family to join the chorus of a myriad of voices proclaiming the last message to a dying world.

Since its inception and roll-out as a social media based multi-media platform, MelVee Video Productions has been committed to supporting the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and teaching the Advent Message, based on the seven pillars of our faith and using quality multi-media productions that connect people to each other and to the God of the Bible. We are driven by the realisation that time is no more and soon, and very soon, we shall meet our God. We therefore must be prepared in all areas and do whatever we can to warn others. Join us and help the Lord to  share the final message with families and friends and to prepare them to meet their master.


MelVee Video productions has travelled across Southern Africa and recorded preachers and teachers from Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We have also recorded a few African American preachers.

Since June 2012, MelVee Video Productions has produced and published over 470 videos on YouTube and reached over 820,000 viewers across the globe. We are ministering to tens of thousands via YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. We have also supported other Adventist media ministries such as HopeTV and IsambuloTV with content.

We hope these messages will be a great blessing to you and will connect your heart to the Savior Jesus Christ and to other believers who are waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for visiting our page.

God bless you.

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  1. How can I purchase the CD’s or DVD’s of A FEW GOOD MEN?

  2. Yes, i absolutely love the singing of a few good men! Is there any way i could obtain cds of them i dont like the idea of using so much data to listen to gospel music. I dont have enough data on my plan to allow for it : – (

  3. how can I be part of this? I love singing and I wish to b part of d group.

    • Melusi Ndhlalambi

      Dear Bright. Where are you based? The Group in based in Pretoria, South Africa.

  4. Hello, I too am very interested in purchasing CD’s and/or DVD’s of A Few Good Men and some other groups I’ve been listening too on your site and on youtube. I know you gave their manager (Kenneth’s) phone number, but is there any other way to contact him, like e-mail. A phone call from the US would be very expensive. If there is any way possible, I would suggest you open a store on your website so that it would make it easier for people around the world to purchase CD’s and DVD’s of these different music ministries. There is so much Godly music on your website and from Melvee on YouTube. I think you’d be surprised by the response you would get through an online store. It would also help support these wonderful ministries. Any other contact information would be greatly appreciated. Have a blessed day.

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