06. Sonwabo Gila || Yesu Nkosi Ngiqhube (Tribute to Sonwabo & Family)

November 22, 2015
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Life on this earth has a way of always holding us up in our time of need. The night Sonwabo was singing this song to encourage hundreds of people, we did not know that, in that night he father would die suddenly  hundreds of kilometres away. The very next morning, he had to divert his trip from going back home in Pretoria to Eastern Cape Province to join his mother and relatives in mourning his father.

We were humbled to see Sonwabo not only sing these songs but live the message in the way he handled his father’s death. Indeed, what he sings in this song, he practiced. May we all spread the message of hope, that in spite of the set-backs, the discouragements, the tragedies of life, we must “Never Give Up, keep holding on to Jesus.”

When you don’t give up you cannot fail!

Recorded and Produced with Permission By
MelVee Video Productions

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