05. The Amazing Secrets for Excellent Health || The Cost of Unhealthy Eating

November 30, 2015
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In this part 5 of 7 messages Gandy Madzalo, author of “Health is Wealth: The Amazing Secrets for Excellent Health” discusses with Melusi Ndhlalambi (Founder, MelVee Video Productions) about the costs for unhealthy eating. The message is clear – food is no longer produced but manufactured! Therefore a lot of what we call food is actually poisonous. If you put the wrong fuel in the car, you can be sure it will cause the engine to seize. If you use the wrong oil, the machine will clog or wear out quickly. The same applies to our bodies – they need to the right type of fuel. We must eat healthy meals in the right proportions to enhance the quality of life. One of the leading causes of overweight is over eating of eating the wrong type of food (sugar laden and fried foods) as well as lack of exercise.

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